A hand holding a set of keys.Legacy Management Services is a growing residential and commercial property management company specializing in off-campus student housing, and luxury downtown lofts and suburban rentals. in Columbus, Ohio.

Mission Statement

LMS is an entrepreneurial full-service residential and commercial management company with a focus on quality student housing. LMS began as a single project owner/manager in 2005 and has grown in to a well respected multi-project management company with over 600 beds in its portfolio.

Our mission is to maintain superior tenant satisfaction through professionalism, personalized service and great apartments, while still achieving a return to its Owners.

We focus on timeliness and customer service and our goal is to work with our renters in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Choose from apartments, townhomes and even flats. Select apartments based based on your budget, ideal location, and pet needs. With LMS, you get options.

If you have questions, contact us. We look forward to assisting you.